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We believe in the power of water to bring people together. At our affordable wellness facilities around the world, we’ve seen the way that water can heal people, bring joy, and create closer connections. Now, we’re working to bring that experience to Toronto and create a place for everyone.

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We’re working to create a year-round destination for fun, wellbeing, and togetherness on Toronto’s waterfront. With a mix of affordable attractions and new public spaces, we can create an Ontario Place for every season and everyone.

New public parkland

We’re creating nearly 12 acres of parkland and public space, including expanded walking and cycling trails, and a new public beach.

A year-round destination

Indoor attractions and wellness therapies mean you can always enjoy the warm comfort of Ontario Place, even in the colder months.

For everyone and every budget

It wouldn’t be a place for everyone if price were a barrier. That’s why we’re designing a facility with prices comparable to other family attractions in Toronto, and public spaces that will be free to enjoy.

  Ontario Place for Everyone 
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Water is wellness.

Water has been shown to have restorative powers for both the body and mind. That’s why we offer thermal bathing, steam rooms, and other therapies to promote mental and physical wellbeing.

Water inspires joy.

Satisfy the kids, and your own inner child. From communal pools to waterslides, our Toronto facility will be an everyday vacation for the whole family.

Water brings people together.

From watering holes to water coolers, water has always brought people closer together, and our emphasis on communal experiences means Therme is the perfect place to reconnect with old friends, or make new ones.

We want to create an
Ontario Place for everyone

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Therme Group

Therme Group is committed to building world-class attractions all around the globe, and everyone who has visited one of our facilities knows just how special they are. In contrast to the stresses of everyday life, Therme creates wellness, relaxation, and togetherness. Click the button below for more info on Therme Group.

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