We want to hear from you!

Our new survey is now available in four languages!

Therme Canada is launching an official new public survey, and we are asking for your feedback on the latest plans for Therme Canada | Ontario Place. Between our recent public engagement session and our team’s presentation to Waterfront Toronto’s Design Review Panel, hundreds more Ontarians got involved in the exciting process of revitalizing Ontario Place by learning more about the future of the West Island.

This new survey, which is also available in French, Simplified Chinese, and Punjabi, is part of our ongoing outreach to the diverse populations of Ontario. If you know someone who might be interested in this survey, send them this link!

Our goal with this survey is to better understand what public amenities and attractions you (or your family) might enjoy on a future visit to Ontario Place, and how you would interact with some of the features we’ve proposed so far. We also have some questions for you about protecting and enjoying the environment, as we undertake important remediation and sustainability work around the island. Your input will be a vital part of refining plans for the new public areas we’re creating.

Thank you for participating in Therme Canada’s ongoing public engagement process. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on this exciting project.