Therme Canada Responds to Toronto City Staff Report

Therme Canada Responds to Toronto City Staff Report Issued Today

March 31, 2023 - Toronto, Ontario- Therme Canada is pleased to be another step closer to revitalizing the West Island of Ontario Place for everyone, including nearly 12-acres of freely accessible urban public parkland.

For the last several months, Therme has been working closely with the City, Province, and other stakeholders to enhance its proposal as part of the province’s plans to redevelop Ontario Place. Therme is grateful for the feedback it has received so far, and it has enabled us to make many new improvements. We are glad that the report indicates that a mix of attractions and parkland is appropriate for Ontario Place and we believe our proposal for an affordable and family-friendly destination lives up to those principles. We look forward to moving into the next phase of the process. Therme Canada | Ontario Place will be a world-class attraction that reconnects people to the waterfront and each other – an Ontario Place for everyone. 

Therme Canada's commitment to creating an Ontario Place for everyone includes nearly 12 acres of public spaces

Presented with the opportunity to transform the West Island of Ontario Place into an urban oasis that is free and accessible to all Ontarians, Therme Canada's plans for the public spaces includes: 

  • A new public beach 
  • Walking trails and park space
  • Gathering spaces and picnic areas
  • Restoration of the eroding shoreline
  • Creation of wetland and water habitats supporting local fish, plant life and animals 

About Therme Canada | Ontario Place 

Therme Group is driven by the belief that wellbeing should be accessible to all. Therme Group’s vision is to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts, achieved by harnessing the complex interplay of nature, technology, and culture. More information about Therme Canada can be found at 

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