The East Headland Revitalization Plans

East Headland at Therme Canada | Ontario Place pays tribute to original landscape vision

The original landscape at Ontario Place was the vision of landscape architect Michael Hough. One of Hough’s greatest achievements at the site was creating a dramatic lookout point on the East Headland of the West Island.

The lookout point offered views of the vastness of Lake Ontario and offered clear sightlines toward the now-iconic Megastructures including the Pods and the Cinesphere – home to the world’s first permanent IMAX theater. Whether standing on the mainland or visiting by boat, visitors were greeted with a great view of Ontario Place.

Honouring Michael Hough’s Design

Working closely with landscape architects STUDIO tla, the nearly 12-acres of public space that is central to the plans for Therme Canada | Ontario Place will restore and reinvigorate the East Headland of Ontario Place while paying tribute to Michael Hough’s original landscape design vision.

Once complete, visitors to the East Headland will once again be able to gaze at the beauty of Lake Ontario, while turning towards the Pods and Cinesphere from across the new Wetland Innovation Zone The new lookout point will also feature a gathering plaza – a protected meeting place where thousands can come together for events, educational programming, and art shows. Or, for families to enjoy the simple joy of a picnic on the water.

The gathering space and lake-side seating at the East Headland will have room for many people to gather- to enjoy a show, or enjoy the newly-created public space!

Restoring the Shoreline

The shoreline around the Headland will be reinforced by tiered stonework so that visitors can easily access Lake Ontario, and the paths through the area will be bordered by plants native to the province – native maples and oaks – that will provide much-needed shade on those long summer days. The public space will be accessible year-round as well, so visitors can enjoy a stroll or run along the lake in any weather.

Creating spaces for visitors to go fishing, enjoy a performance or watch a sunset is one way that we’re working to strengthen the relationship between the West Island and the waters that surround it.